BOBP Cast and Crew

The Amazing Adventures of Barack Obama Black Panther by Paco Josè Madden

  • Director – Vinecia Coleman
  • Stage Manager – Katie Mitchell

Dramatis Personae

  • Honest (later becomes Bast) – Qiana Bates
  • Barack Obama Black Panther/King Azzuri/N’Jobu Jeremiah Wright – William DeMeritt
  • Wizened One/T’Chaka/Cornel West Killmonger/Punk Kid #2/Trumpus – Corey Jenkins Jr.
  • Tayate/Mitch McConnell Klaw/Punk Kid #1/White Wolf Maverick McCain/Ted Kennedy/Captain America/Doctor Doom Snyder – Christopher Salazar
  • Kabize/Ann Dunham/Paul Ryan Crimson Cowl/Hillary Pantsuit Storm/Charles Ogletree Changamire/Emergency Manager Sub-Mariner – Cassandra Lopez
  • Honest’s Older Sister – Lauren Juliette Balone

Cast and Crew

Lauren Juliette Balone (she/her) is a recent graduate of the University Michigan’s Acting program and intermittently living in Oregon while the pandemic ensues. When she is not auditioning or working on acting, she loves to draw, study wine and meet new people!

Qiana Bates (she/her) is a 12 year old living in Pasco, WA. She enjoys reading, singing, drawing, and watching anime. Qiana enjoys performing and is very proud to be involved in this production. 

Vinecia Coleman (she/her) is a Minneapolis based playwright, actor, and director. This is her Rude Mechanicals debut, and she is so grateful to have directed these amazing actors in this incredible play!

William DeMeritt (he/him) is a native New Yorker and a graduate of the Yale School of Drama who has performed in theaters throughout the country as well as film, television, video games, and audiobooks.  Later this year you can see William in HBOMax’s The Flight Attendant as well as in Lauren Gunderson’s new one-person show, The Catastrophist – presented virtually by Marin Theatre Company & Round House Theatre. @demeritt,

Corey Jenkins Jr (he/him) is a storyteller who likes to use whatever medium feels best to do so. Be it an actor in a show, lending voice to a character, writing or performing poetry, or doing an actual storytelling.  @theonenonlyceljay,

Cassandra Lopez (she/her) is a native of New York City and grew up in San Diego, California. After two seasons at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, she was most recently the Associate Choreographer on the regional tour of Destiny of Desire, and is a founding member of the theatre education social justice & advocacy group Circle of Inequity. @clsparrow, @circleofinequity  

Katie Mitchell (she/her) is thrilled to have worked on this virtual piece as Stage Manager, with such a talented cast. When she’s not wearing the headset, you can find her in the garden or walking her doggo, Eve.

Christopher Salazar (he/him) has his MFA from the Old Globe/USD. He works as a regional theatre actor, voice over artist and educator. @Whoischristophersalazar