One of Shakespeare’s most famous plays and often quoted in popular culture, Hamlet is the tale of Denmark’s grieving prince who seeks to avenge his father’s murder by bringing the new king, Claudius (his uncle and his mother’s new husband) to justice. Hamlet vividly portrays the power of overwhelming grief and rage while exploring themes of treachery, revenge, and moral corruption.

The Rude Mechanicals’ production of Hamlet stars Cameron Milton in the leading role. Milton has worked professionally for fifteen years in California on the NBC network, performed and trained with The Blue Man Group at the Astor Place Theatre in New York, and acted in multiple films in Portland. He holds a BFA in Theatre Arts from the University of Idaho. Other actors in major roles include Jim Wutzke as Claudius and the Ghost of King Hamlet, Miriam Kerzner as Gertrude, Robert Chisholm as Polonius, Claire Dann as Ophelia, Anthony Ochoa as Rosencrantz and Gravedigger, Samantha Weakley as Gulidenstern and Gravedigger, Bryan Grossman as Horatio, and Robert John Hanson as Laertes.

The show is directed by Ellicia Elliott, co-founder and artistic director of The Rude Mechanicals. She holds a MA in Theatre Production from Central Washington University, and is a candidate for a MFA in Directing from the University of Idaho. Elliott’s concept was inspired by and has received the blessing of Bill Rauch, the artistic director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, focusing on the process of grief, bereavement, and revenge in a contemporary time. Ghosts from the past will be visible through design elements, tying in the history of this famous and gut-wrenching play to how it is still incredibly relevant in our current time.

Hamlet is now playing at the Scarlet Room in Pasco, Washington from October 25 through November 3. Tickets are available now!

Directions to the Scarlet Room:

The address is technically 2820 North Road 72, but you will actually drive past that physical address.)

- Drive south on Road 68
- Turn right onto Argent (Magill’s will be on the corner)
- Turn left onto North Road 72 (if you drive past Chiawana High School you’ve gone too far)
- Turn right onto West Draidie Street

The Scarlet Room will be down on the right, in a large dirt/gravel parking area. There will be a banquet tent out front.



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